The Fabric of Social Dining consists of many different components, but what you walk away with is an experience. That experience consists of high quality, mouth-watering food, uniquely crafted cocktails, and fun, upbeat DJs spinning an unforgettable vibe. We empower our staff with the proper knowledge and training to consistently deliver excellent service with the most sincere hospitality.

Dishes are designed for guests to share and enjoy with each other. Good conversation, infectious laughter, soulful music, and savory scents fill the room. Trust between the guest and the host is established on the quality and consistency of the food and cocktails, but the music makes the overall experience much more intimate and exciting.

Once the dinner and show from the kitchen has concluded, guests meander over to the bar area to lounge on plush over-sized couches or stand and move to the music. The feeling this atmosphere creates is the embodiment of the social dining experience, and it is this feeling that keeps our customers coming back for more.